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The EM1000-EV Evaluation System offers a convenient way of testing the EM1000 BASIC/C-programmable embedded module. The board features the following components:


Metal base.

The NB1000 network board with the EM1000 module (EM1000-512K-ST) installed on a socket.

The IB1000 interface board with four RS232 ports.

The IC1000 interboard cable interconnecting the NB1000 and the IB1000.

The LB1000 LED board, which is connected to the NB1000 by the LC1000 LED board cable.

The LB1001 LED board, which is connected to the IB1000 by the LC1000 cable.


The EM1000-EV requires 12VDC/0.5A power adaptor.