Wire Connections

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Wiring the Probes to TPS devices





Cable Probes ##1~3

Cable Probe #4

White (light gray)











This wiring scheme ensures compatibility with Tibbits of similar functions. For example, let's suppose that there is a Tibbo BASIC/C app that works with Tibbit #29 (ambient temperature meter) plugged into the slot S2 of the TPS2 device. Then, replacing this Tibbit with Tibbit #21 (four terminal blocks) and wiring a Cable Probe #01 to this terminal block as shown above will allow the app to run unchanged. The same applies to other Probes and their Tibbit counterparts.

The only adjustment that the app may need is the speed of the I2C communications for Probes 1~3. Since the cable of these Probes moves the sensing ICs away from the CPU, the I2C clock frequency needs to be lowered. We recommend the ssi.baudrate of 100.


Wiring the Probes to other hardware

Although the Cable Probes are primarily intended for use with TPS devices, they can also be wired to other hardware. When connecting to third-party hardware devices, remember to add a pull-up resistor (of about 2KOhm) to the SCL line of Probes ##1~3 (this is not necessary for wiring to TPS devices).